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  • Falone

    Falone is a small kingdom that sits nestled between the Cinis Mountains and the Tenebrin Forest, with the Myrian Sea running along its western border. 

    Falone is a also kingdom that has known hardships. Once ruled by the Grey Circle - a …

  • Karne

    While Karne has existed for centuries, it is only in the last 150 years that it has truly expanded into the capital city of Falone. Few remember the city as it once was, or know of its founding, though there are rumours of an older city known as Calean …

  • Felitas

    Felitas is the second largest of Falone's three major cities, considerably overshadowed by Karne but nearly twice as big as the predominantly dwarven city of Emberheart. Located on the northern shore of Falone, Felitas is, for the most part, a …

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