Falone is a small kingdom that sits nestled between the Cinis Mountains and the Tenebrin Forest, with the Myrian Sea running along its western border. 

Falone is a also kingdom that has known hardships. Once ruled by the Grey Circle – a secretive council that favoured ensuring the peace and prosperity of its people over public adoration. The Circle was overthrown nearly a millennia ago by an entity remembered only as the Iron Tyrant. The Tyrant's rule was harsh and brutal, and not a single corner of the kingdom avoided suffering. The longer-lived races suffered especially, their longevity seen as a threat by the Tyrant. 

Seeing the danger that the Iron Tyrant brought to the world at large, a group of heroes banded together from afar and raised an army against the vicious ruler. Legend says that the battle lasted six days and six nights, before the Iron Tyrant was finally defeated. Centuries later, there is still a scar on the land where that battle took place: a clearing in the Cender Forest known as the Heart of the Tyrant, of charred, blackened soil and ghostly screams.

In the centuries since, Falone has slowly recovered from this dark spot on its history. Its location makes it a prominent location for trade ships. Karne, Falone's capitol city, has also grown in prominence since the founding of the Arcane College three hundred years ago. 

Today, Falone is ruled by a council of six, each responsible for a region of Falone. Though these council seats are intended to be democratically voted upon, elections only occur at the demand of the people. The last election took place ten years ago.

Races within Falone

Within the cities themselves, races mix extensively: there are roughly even demographical splits between humans, halflings and elves, with a smaller portion of dwarves, giants and half-orcs.

Gnomes are most prominent within the northern city of Felitas, as the crowd of Karne can make navigation through the city a challenge for their stature.

There are countless villages and hamlets scattered throughout the country, the racial makeup of each one containing some variation but largely leaning towards one particular race or another.

The Cinis Mountains are home to the more brutal hierarchy of giants, while their gentler cousins, firbolgs, can be found in settlements throughout the woods and forests of Falone, often near villages so they are not completely cut off from trade.

The city of Emberheart lies in the foothills of the mountains and is home to Falone's largest dwarven population. 


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